The Russian Royal Family
The last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, came to the throne in October 1894, before the widespread production of postcards. Thus the
postcards that we have are only of him and his family, as none were produced before his reign.
Nicholas abdicated in 1917 under pressure from the revolutionaries in Russia, and in 1918 he, his wife Alexandra, their son Alexei
and their four daughters Olga, Maria, Tatiana and Anastasia, were executed near Ekaterinburg. Their bodies were burned and
buried in a pit.
Some of the postcards which appear here were produced by Russian emigres in France to commemorate their ruler. Others were
printed whilst the Tsar was still in power.
Old Postcard, Tsarevich Alexei
The postcard on the left shows
Nicholas and Alexandra's son,
Alexei, their fifth child. This poor
lad suffered from haemophilia, a
disease which in those days could
not be treated, and as a result
spent much of his life in intense
pain. Doctors could not help and
only the monk Rasputin seemed to
be able to bring about any relief.
This enabled Rasputin to have an
ever increasing influence over first
Alexandra and then Nicholas - so
much influence that finally a group
of Russian noblemen, led by Felix
Yusupov, decided to kill him. The
Tsarevich's illness was kept secret
from the Russian people.
Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana, Vintage Postcard
No date for this postcard, but at the
time of their execution, Olga was 23
and Tatiana 21.
For many years there were rumours that one of the Tsar's children, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, had managed to escape
assassination and was alive and well. Several women claimed to be her, the most notorious being Anna Anderson, and whilst
remaining members of the Romanovs did not believe she was Anastasia, many people did, even though police investigations
showed otherwise. On her death in 1984, DNA tests showed that she was not a Romanov, and subsequent investigations and DNA
tests by the Russian Government have proved conclusively that Anastasia perished with her family.
Tsarevitch, Alexei
Czar Nicholas II
Tsar Nicholas II
Edward VIII, Nicholas II, Csarevitch, George V - Vintage Postcard
Prince Edward (later Edward VIII),
the Czar, the Czarevitch and the
Prince of Wales (later George V).
Note the physical resemblance
between the Czar and the Prince
of Wales - they were first cousins.
Nicholas was very close to his cousin, King George V of Great Britain. After Nicholas's abdication, it was hoped that he and his
family would be able to find asylum in England, and approaches were made to the British Government by Kerensky and the
Provisional Russian Government.  However, the revolutionaries in Russia did not want the Romanovs to leave the country and
perhaps organise a counter revolution, and for a while there was a stand-off between the two sides. Meanwhile, although The
British Government at first agreed, many in the UK were opposed to offering the Tsar asylum, and King George, realising that to
receive the Tsar might cause him serious unpopularity, reluctantly suggested to the Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, that
Britain should not welcome the Russian royals. The British offer was withdrawn - "His Majesty's Government does not insist on its
former offer of hospitality to the Imperial family".
Olga and Tatiana
Olga and Tatiana.
Vintage Postcard, Russian Royal Family
Livadia, Yalta, Crimea
The postcard on the left shows Livadia Palace which is situated
Livadia, near Yalta. The Imperial family used to spend their
summers there. Built at the Tsar's request, the palace formally
opened in September 1911.
Yalta Conference was held here in 1945. Since then the
building has housed a museum, and is sometimes used for
international conferences.
Ekaterinburg - the River Iset.
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Nicholas II
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Tsarskoe Selo
Tsarskoe Selo
Two old postcards of Tsarskoe Selo.
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Old Postcard - St Petersburg, Russia
Old Postcard - St Petersburg, Russia
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Yekaterinburg, Russia
Old Postcard - Yekaterinburg, Russia
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Tsar Nicholas II
Old Postcard - Tsar Nicholas II
by Postcards of the Past
Tsar Nicholas II
Tsar Nicholas II