Even More Girls Alone
Some of the poses in these postcards are so hilarious that they deserve a humorous caption -
can you think of one ?
Email us with your idea (tell us which postcard !) and we will publish it
under the card, with your name, unless you'd rather be anonymous ! !
Old Postcard, Edwardian Nude
"I'm always catching my
hair in these bloody
chrysanthemums !"
Dave - Milton Keynes.
"...dropping the end of the
carrrot on to the magic
carpet will cause it to float
gently up..."
Dave - Milton Keynes.
"Yeah yeah... it's an art.
Just take the photo'".  Tim.
"What d'you think ?
Overdressed ?"
"Eunace's sour mood was
not improved by the fact
that she had never
learned to sit in a chair
properly. "   Tim.
"You say nobody's going
to notice but I still think
there should be some
water in it. "
"Oh yes- Oh Yes- OH
YES... Aah... That itch has
been driving me crazy."   
"Oh- why can I never find
an Anadin when I need
one?"   Tim.
"It's... a... cushion! A hot
water bottle! One of those
bags of milk they sell in
Sainsbury's now! Closer?
"Katie's friends indulged
her eccentricities for a
while but, when her foot
started to answer back,
they called the funny
farm. "   Tim.
"Hortense was beginning
to suspect that the ear,
nose and throat specialist
she had consulted was
not `just being
thorough`."    Tim.
"No- you you bloody well
can't borrow my scarf."   
Old Postcard, French Nude
"There's the bastard who took my clothes !"
"Jusht as well this ish non-alcohol-hic or I
might do shomething silly."   Tim.
"Charlotte loved the sound-quality of her
new headphones".   Tim.
"Yes THESE pearls- I've
been holding them up for
half an hour now! Where
have you been looking?"
"`Hello, I thought you
were coming this
afternoon.` she said after
an embarassed silence.
The matter was never
discussed. "   Tim.
"The new advertising
campaign for Ladyshave
was surprisingly racy."   
"Anyone else think there
should be some water in
it?"   Tim.
"I'm a little teapot..."     
"Room Service ? Please
send someone up -
there's a large, shiny
marrow in my bed."   
Simon, Northampton.
"Penelope would do
anything to direct
attention away from her
awful wallpaper."   Tim.
"Justine was looking
forward to the day when
George could afford his
own theodolite."               
Dave, Milton Keynes.
"Imogen's invisible dog act could be relied
upon to raise a laugh."  Tim.
"'Got a light?' she asked. The resulting
stampede was remembered for years to
come."   Tim.
"Just as she leaned back
Clarabelle remembered
that the table wasn't there
any more."   Tim.
"And if you hold it up to
your ear like this you can
hear the sound of hair and
ear-rings brushing against
a tambourine."   Tim.
Postcards of the Past
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