Dombey and Son, Captain Cuttle
Dombey and Son, Captain Cuttle, Old Postcard
Dombey and Son, Joey Bagstock
Joey Bagstock.
"Captain Cuttle and the Little Midshipman."
"A gentleman in a wide suit of blue, with a
hook instead of a hand attached to his thick
right wrist; very bushy black eye-brows; and
a thick stick in his left hand, covered all over
(like his nose) with knobs."
Dombey and Son, Mr Toots and the Chicken
Mr Dombey
Mr Toots, Old Postcard
Mr Dombey.
Another impression of Mr Toots.
Mr Toots and the Chicken - "Go in and win !".
Dombey and Son, the Major
"If you had a few more of the Bagstock breed
amongst you, you'd be none the worse for it."
The Major.
This was Dickens' seventh novel. It was his first with his new publishers, Bradbury and Evans, and appeared
in monthly parts between October 1846 and April 1848. For more about this novel, follow
this link.
"Florence sat down at night to track Paul's
footsteps through the thorny ways of
learning ; and being possessed of a naturally
quick and sound capacity, and taught by that
most wonderful of masters, Love, it was not
long before she gained upon Paul's beefs,
and taught and passed him."
"The expatriated native.......coming straight
upstairs, with a polite enquiry touching Miss
Fox's health.....had accidentally arrived in the
very nick of time to catch the delicate burden
in his arms."
Postcards of the Past
"Dombey and Son"
by Charles Dickens
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Dickens - Dombey and Son
"All you've got to do" said the Captain, with
the solemnity of a man who was delivering
himself of one of the most precious practical
tenets ever discovered by human wisdom,
"is to lay your head well to the wind, and
we'll fight it through."
Dickens - Dombey and Son.
Coming full into the sphere of his startled
and intensely wide-awake look-out, were
Florence and Susan Nipper; Florence looking
up into his face, half timidly, and receiving
the whole shock of his wooden ogling !
Dickens - Dombey and Son
The cat, and Paul, and Mrs Pipchin, were
constantly to be found in their usual places
after dark; and Paul.....went on studying Mrs
Pipchin, and the cat, and the fire, night after
night, as if they were a book of necromancy,
in three volumes.
Dickens - Dombey and Son
Captain Cuttle was labouring with such great
designs, that far from being aground, he
soon got off into the deepest of water, and
could find no bottom to his penetration.
Dickens - Dombey and Son
As his sister hid behind her nurse, he
followed her with his eyes; and when she
peeped out with a merry cry to him,he
sprang up and crowed lustily, laughing
outright when she ran in upon him.
Dickens - Dombey and Son
"O, Cap'en Cuttle, Cap'en Cuttle, do you dare
to look me in the face, and not be struck
down in the herth !" - Mrs MacStinger.
Dickens - Dombey and Son
"Just another !" said Mr Toots. "Go along
with you !" exclaimed Susan, giving him a
push. "Innocents like you, too ! Who'll begin
next ? Go along, Sir !"
"My name's Jack  Bunsby....And what I
says," pursued the voice, after some
deliberation, "I stands to...Whereby, why not
? If so, what odds ? Can any man say
otherwise ? No. Awast then !"
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Birthday Card - Charles Dickens, "Pickwick Papers"
Birthday Card - Charles Dickens, "Pickwick Papers"
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Dombey and Son - Dickens
Old Postcard - Dombey and Son - Dickens
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - "The Old Curiosity Shop"
Old Postcard - "The Old Curiosity Shop"
by Postcards of the Past
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