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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
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Some old postcards of dirigibles from the early years of the 20th century.
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The Graf Zeppelin at Friedrichshafen on 18 Sept 1928.
"This Novelty in aerial navigation was invented by Major von Perseval. It consists of a long torpedo-like envelope enclosed in which are two
smaller balloons which are kept continually taut by air pumped into them by the same motor which drives the screw. The inventor claims that
his balloon can be deflated and packed up quicker than any of its rivals."
"The "La Ville de Paris" is the largest airship which has ever been built, being 201 feet long with a maximum diameter of 35 feet. It is the
property of M Deutsch de la Meurthe and was constructed by Mr Edward Surcouf. The propelling power is a 70hp Chenu motor, and a
peculiarity of its construction are the eight supplementary gas envelopes fitted at the stern for purposes of steadiness."
"The Raider".
To South America in 3 days !
Zeppelin brought down off England's East
Coast in 1916.
"The "Patrie" is one of the many results of experiments in aerial navigation which have been inaugurated by the French Government. It is a
navigable airship built by M Henri Julliot and is fitted with Panhard and Levasseur motors, being attached for practical purposes to the First
Regiment of Engineers."
A US Dirigible over Kelly Fields in Santonio,
A Submarine-Scout Airship.
"These small non-rigid airships are often
known as "Blimps". They have done a very
great deal of useful work during the war,
especially as U-boat hunters. It is well known
that it is possible to see much more deeply
into the water from a height than from the
surface of the sea."
Airship Hindenburg over Manhattan
The Hindenburg over Manhattan in 1936.
US Dirigible
A US Dirigible over Houston.
British rigid airship
A British Rigid Airship.
"Large airships frequently have a non-collapsible framework, because
there are very grave difficulties in the design and construction of
non-rigid airships over a certain size. Three cars are shown in the
present example and this allows of a more even distribution of
Coastal Patrol Airship.
A Coastal Patrol Type Airship.
"A non-rigid airship with a single car is seen silhouetted against a light
sky. It will be noticed that the craft is built on the same principle as the
Astra-Torres Airships - that is, the cross section is a tre-foil shape. The
aeroplane dimly seen below is a British RE8 two-seater."
M Deutsch's airship
M Deutsch's airship
M Deutsch's Airship.
Lebaudy Airship
Lebaudy Airship
"The Lebaudy Airship is one of the many developments in aerial navigation which is the invention of a Frenchman. It was constructed by M
Henri Julliot and is the property of the French army, being attached to the First Regiment of Engineers. It is fitted with a Mercedes motor."
Airship over Zossen, Germany
An airship over the military camp at Zossen, Germany, in 1917.
Airship over Munich.
The Parseval VI over Munich.
USS Akron over DC
The USS Akron over the Capitol.
Dirigible over Manhattan
A Dirigible over Manhattan.
Airship Car
"The Car of a SS Airship.
The earlier "Blimps" had aeroplane bodies, with engine and propeller
complete just as shown. Later on specially designed bodies were
fitted, The floats attached to the landing gear are intended to support
the body if it is forced to alight on the water. The ship is controlled by
the rear figure, who has a lever which is connected with the planes at
the rear of the envelope."
The German Zeppelin-Airship "Hindenburg".
On board the airship
On board the airship "Ville de Paris".
The LZ127.
Astra Torres airship
The Astra Torres.
Old Postcard - Airship - La Ville de Paris.
Old Postcard - Airship - La Ville de Paris.
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Motor Driven War Airship
Old Postcard - Motor Driven War Airship
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Airship over Friedrichshafen
Old Postcard - Airship over Friedrichshafen
by Postcards of the Past
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