Our old postcards of US Warships date from the early 20th century to World War II. We
recommend that you follow
this link for a comprehensive list of US Navy vessels up to 1941.
USS Illinois
USS Ilinois.   Two more postcards of this ship
USS Kansas
USS Kansas.    
USS Alabama.    
As is common in many navies, over the years there have been several ships which have carried on a particular name - for example
there have been at least 7 USS Alabamas. We have tried to ensure that the links from each of our postcards are to the correct ship,
but because of the many alterations to the superstructures of these vessels this has sometimes proved difficult. If you spot any
mistakes, please
email us ! Thanks !
USS Arkansas
USS Arkansas.     
USS Connecticut
USS Connecticut.    
USS Charleston
USS Charleston.    
USS Colorado
USS Colorado.      
We have created some US Postage
Stamps from many of the postcards
on this - and other - pages. These are
available for sale in various
denominations on Zazzle - to see and
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USS Delaware
USS Delaware.     
USS Georgia
USS Georgia.   
USS Georgia
Another postcard of the "Georgia".    
USS Kearsage.    
USS Indiana
USS Massachusetts
USS Texas
USS Texas at San Jacinto, Houston.  
USS Illinois
USS Illinois
Two more postcards of the "Illinois".
USS Iowa
USS Iowa
Two postcards of the USS Iowa.
A second postcard of the "Kansas".
USS Kentucky
USS Kentucky.   
USS Louisiana
USS Michigan.   
USS Minnesota
USS Mississippi
USS New Hampshire
USS New Hampshire
Two views of the "New Hampshire".
USS Nebraska
USS New Jersey
USS New Mexico
USS New York
USS New York.   
USS Ohio
USS Ohio
Two postcards of the USS Ohio.
USS Pennsylvania - two postcards. In 1912 she was renamed "Pittsburg" to free the name "Pennsylvania" for a new battleship.
USS Porpoise.   
USS Rhode Island
USS St Louis
USS St Paul
USS Tennessee
USS Tennessee. She was later renamed "Memphis".  
USS Virginia
USS Virginia
USS Virginia
Two more postcards of the "Virginia".
USS Wyoming
USS Wyoming
Two postcards of USS Wyoming.
USS VWashington
US Warships
Postcards of the Past
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In conjunction with Zazzle, we have produced an extensive range of gifts, using images from these old
postcards. The items available include many reproduction postcards, coffee mugs, greetings cards, key
chains, fridge magnets, watches etc. Many images on these pages have a direct link to a reproduction
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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
USS Arizona
USS Arizona.
USS Vermont
USS Vermont.
USS Rhode Island
USS Rhode Island
Two old postcards of the USS Rhode Island.
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USS Baltimore
USS Baltimore.
USS Colorado
Another old postcard of the "Colorado".
USS Illinois
A German postcard of the USS Illinois.
USS Rhode Island
Another view of the "Rhode Island".
Souvenir Mug - USS Illinois
Souvenir Mug - USS Illinois
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - USS Colorado
Old Postcard - USS Colorado
by Postcards of the Past
Souvenir Mug - USS "Arkansas"
Souvenir Mug - USS "Arkansas"
by Postcards of the Past