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World Railways
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A collection of old postcards of trains and railways from around the world. For UK trains, please
this link.
Orient Express
The Orient Express - probably the world's most famous train.
Johannesburg - Cape Express
Johannesburg - Cape Express - operated by Central South African
Bordeaux - Clermont-Ferrand Express
The Bordeaux - Clermont-Ferrand Express - a train operated by the
Compagnie du Chemin de Fer d'Orleans.
The same train as that above, right, but going in the opposite direction!
Paris - Calais express
The Paris-Calais Express - operated by the Chemin de Fer du Nord.
Alexandria-Cairo Express
The Alexandria-Cairo Express.
Trans-Siberian Express
The Trans-Siberian Express in Raievka Station in the Urals.
Paris - Mont Dore Express
The Paris - Mont Dore train.
St Petersburg - Moscow Express
St Petersburg to Moscow Express.
Ostend-Brussels Express
The Ostend to Brussels Express, operated by Belgian State Railways.
Milan-Paris Train
The luxury train from Paris to Milan in the station at Iselle, which is at
the southern portal to the
Simplon Tunnel.
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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
This train ran from Dalny to Lake Baikal and then on to Moscow.
Italian Southern Railway. "The peculiar feature of this train is that the
engine travels backwards; in this way the engine-driver has as clear a
view of the rails and road before hime as the driver of a tramcar or
electric train".
Train - Khedives Special
The Khedive's Special. "This engine and carriage were built by R
Stephenson and Sons in 1862, and are used by the Khedive of Egypt
when he moves his Court between his summer palace of Montaza and
Rigi Rack Railway, Switzerland
The Rigi Rack Railway (Switzerland). "This railway is used by tourists
to ascend the Rigi, one of the highest mountains in Switzerland. The
complicated little engine works its way up the mountain side by
means of a cog-wheel and rack."
Paris-Madrid Express
The Paris-Madrid Express.
Candian Pacific Railway Train
A Canadian Pacific Railway Train.
Paris - Mont Dore Express
Another old postcard of the Paris - Mont Dore Express.
Bordeaux - Paris Night Express
The Bordeaux - Paris Night Express.
Mont-Saint-Michel - Train
A train leaving Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy.
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Old Postcard - The Orient Express
Old Postcard - The Orient Express
by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - Bordeaux-Paris Night Express
Birthday Card - Bordeaux-Paris Night Express
by Postcards of the Past
Souvenir Mug - Khedive's Special
Souvenir Mug - Khedive's Special
by Postcards of the Past
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