Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, lies on the eastern side of the main island of the country,
Honshu. The city is the seat of the Japanese Government and home to the Japanese Imperial
Family. Its population at the beginning of 2009 was estimated to be about 12.8 million.
Old Postcard, Japan, Tokyo Station
"The visit of Imperial Route Front Tokyo-Station".  This is the
Marunouchi side of Tokyo Central Station, towards the Imperial palace.
The corner-building on the left is the famous Marunouchi Building,
Tokyo, shops, Asakusa Park
"The View of the row of shops in Asakusa Park crowded with many
Tokyo, near Nippon Bridge
"The most flourishing street near the Nippon Bridge".
Tokyo, Kameido, Wisteria Blossom
Wisteria Blossom, Kameido.
Tokyo, Asakusa Park
Asakusa Park.
Tokyo, Assembly Hall
Grand Building of Imperial Assembly Hall.
Tokyo, Mitsukoshi Department Store
Mitsukoshi Department Store.
Tokyo, Theatre
Nihon Gekijo  (National Theater).
Gate of Meiji Shrine, Yokyo
"Nanshinmon (Gate) of Meiji Shrine, Tokyo".
Tokyo, Meiji Shrine.
Homotsuden of Meiji Shrine.
Did You Know.......that on 1 September 1923, Tokyo, along
with Yokohama and other cities, was devasted by an
earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter Scale ? More than
100,000 people lost their lives. Follow
this link to read more.
Tokyo, Meiji Shrine
Another postcard of the Meiji Shrine.

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Tokyo Station - Vintage Postcard
Tokyo Station.
Old Kaijo Building, Tokyo
Old Kaijo Building.
Ginza Street, Tokyo
Ginza Street, Shopping Centre of Tokyo.
Tokyo Station.
"The Grandeur of Tokyo Station."
Tokyo Station.
Another view of Tokyo Station.
Ginza Street, Tokyo
Another View of Ginza Street.
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo
The Imperial Hotel.
Tokyo Station.
Tokyo Station once more.
Asakusa Movie Street, Tokyo.
Asakusa Movie Street.
Postcards of the Past
The statue of Takamori Saigo in Ueno Park.
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Prostitute Houses in Yoshiwara.
The path to Asakusa Kwan-On Temple.
Asakusa, Tokyo
Satake Garden, Tokyo
Satake Garden.
Atago, Tokyo
A view of Tokyo from Atago Hill.
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Tokyo, Imperial Theatre
The Imperial Theatre.
Famous Place of Tokyo.
Asakuss Hirokoji Broad Way.
Matsuya Department Store, Tokyo
Matsuya Department Store.
Government Street.
Babasakimon Street, Tokyo
Babasakimon Street.
Tokyo Station
Another postcard of Tokyo Station.
Tokyo Station.
Empire Theatre and Metropolitan Police Board.
The Sakurada Gate leading to the Imperial Palace.
Botanic Gardens, Tokyo
Botanic Gardens of the Tokyo Imperial University.
Tokyo, Japan
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Tokyo, Japan
Akasaka Imperial Detached Palace.
The Cross of Suda-Cho.
Old Postcard - Long-Eared Owls
Old Postcard - Long-Eared Owls
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Yokohama, Japan
Old Postcard - Yokohama, Japan
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Golden Oriole
Old Postcard - Golden Oriole
by Postcards of the Past