Postcards of the Past
This collection of old postcards of Popes, or Bishops of Rome, consists of postcards of various ages but
all produced during the first 60 years of the 20th Century. There have to date (2012) been 266 holders of
this office, and as cards were collected randomly it has not proved possible to put them in date order. If
you would like to see a complete, chronological list, follow
this link. Where possible we have provided
links to individual popes so that you may read more about them.
Eugene IV (1383 – 25 February
Gregory XII (c1327 - 1417).    
Leo XIII (1810 - 1903).  
Pope Alexander V
Antipope Alexander V  (b1339 - d 1410)  
Pius II  (b1405 - d 1464)   
Innocent VII (b1339 - d1406).
John XXIII (b1881 - d1963).  
Nicholas V   (b1397 - d1455).   
Boniface IX   (b1350 - d1404).   
Martin V   (b1368 - d1431)   
Pius X   (b1835 - d 1914)   
Paul VI (b1897 - d1978)   
Pius XII (b1876 - d1958)
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All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
Pope Benedict XV
Benedict XV (b1854 - d1922)
Pope Clement X
Clement X (b1590 - d1676)
Pope Calistus III
Calistus III (b1378 - d1458)
Paul II (b1417 - d1471)
Pope Leo III
Pope Leo III
Two more old postcards commemorating Leo XIII.
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Pope Pius X
Pius XI (b 1857 - d 1939).
And two more old postcards commemorating Leo XIII.
Pope Pius XII
Pope Pius XII
Pope Pius XII
Three more old postcards of Pius XII.
Pius X (b 1835 - d 1914)
Another postcard of Pius XI.
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Christmas Cards
Pope Innocent VIII
Pope UrbanVI
Innocent VIII (b 1432 - d 1492)
Urban VI (b c1318 - d 1389)
Pope Urban VIII
Urban VIII (b 1568 - d 1644)
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Old Postcard - Pope John XXIII
Old Postcard - Pope John XXIII by Postcards of the Past
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