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Kairouan, Tunisia
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Kairouan (Arabic  القيروان‎ Al Qairawān) is a city in Tunisia, located about 50 miles from the
country's east coast and about 115 miles from Tunis. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and
an important centre for Islamic and Quranic learning, after Mecca and Medina. The holy
Mosque of Uqba is situated in the city.  The French occupied Tunisia - and thus Kairouan - in
1881, and it was only after this date that non-Muslims were permitted in the city. Today it is the
capital of the Kairouan Governorate, and is also the Islamic Cultural Capital.

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Kairouan, Tunisia
Two old views of Kairouan from the ramparts.
Kairouan, Tunisia
La Porte de Tunis.
Kairouan, Tunisia
Pottery Merchants.
Kairouan, Tunisia
A street in Kairouan.
Kairouan, Tunisia
Wool Merchants - a 1906 postcard.
Kairouan, Tunisia, Grand Rue
Grande Rue.
Rue Saussier.
Kairouan, Tunisia
Kairouan, Rue Saussier
Mosquee des Trois Portes
A date seller.
Rue Saussier and the Mosquee du Bey.
La Mosquee des Trois Portes.
Route de Gafia, Kairouan
Route de Gafia.
Great Mosque, Kairouan
The Mosque of Uqba.
Well of the Great Mosque
A well by the Great Mosque.
Courtyard of the Mosquee des Barbiers.
Kairouan, Mosquee des Trois Portes
Another view of the Mosquee des Trois Portes.
Camels carrying vegetables.
Kairouan, Tunisia
Porte Jaladine.
Kairouan - camels
Camels drinking.
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Kairouan, Tunisia
Kairouan, Tunisia
Kairouan, Tunisia
Mosquee du Barbier.
Minaret of the Great Mosque.
Porte de Tunis.
Kairouan, Tunisia
Mosque des Sabres.
Grande Rue, Kairouan
La Grande Rue.
Place Attalab, Kairouan
Place Attalab.
Porte de Sousse, Kairouan
Porte de Sousse.
Place de Tunis, Kairouan
Place de Tunis.
Grande Place, Kairouan
Grande Place.
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