Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, but is not one of the three capital cities
Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein). Its current population (2010) is just under 4 million.
The city lies on the eastern plateau area of South Africa known as the Highveld, at an
elevation of 1,753 metres.

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Old Postcard, Johannesburg
The view from Eckstein's Building.
Johannesburg, South Africa - Pritchard Street
Pritchard Street.
Johannesburg, Commissioner Street
Commissioner Street from the Jeppestown Railway Crossing.
Johannesburg, Rissis Street
Rissik Street.
Johannesburg, Simmonds Street
Simmonds Street.
Johannesburg Post Office
Johannesburg Post Office.
Market Square, Johannesburg
Market Square.
Johannesburg, Harrison Street
Harrison Street.
Pritchard Street, Johannesburg
Another old postcard showing Pritchard Street.
Johannesburg, Chrysler House
Chrysler House.
Horse Market, Johannesburg
The Horse Market.
Vintage Postcard, Johannesburg
No location is given for this postcard - can you help ? Email us.
Jean Collen has emailed us as follows (in 2012) - I think this is Market
Street. Oppenheimer Park is on the right. People in the foreground of
the photo are walking towards part of Rissik Street Post Office which
faced onto Market Street. The main entrance to the PO was reached
by turning right into Rissik Street. On the opposite side of Market
Street (not shown) was the Belfast department store which changed
hands later - I've forgotten the name of the new store.
Postcards of the Past
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Johannesburg, looking west.
Johannesburg West.
Lewis and Marks Building.
The Post Office on Jeppe Street.
Eloff Street.
Market Street, Johannesburg
A 1925 postcard of Market Street.
Eloff Street, Johannesburg
Another view of Eloff Street.
"Central Area" of Johannesburg - ie the photographer didn't know the
name of the street - do you ?
Rand Club, Johannesburg
The Rand Club.
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Johannesburg Market Square
Johannesburg, Commissioner Street
Market Square.
Commissioner Street.
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Old Postcard - Cape Town, South Africa
Old Postcard - Cape Town, South Africa by Postcards of the Past
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Park Gate Mansions, Johannesburg
Park Gate Mansions.
Johannesburg, South Africa
Carlton Hotel.
Joubert Park, Johannesburg
Joubert Park.
Johannesburg, South Africa
Another old postcard of the Post Office.
Pritchard Street, Johannesburg
Pritchard Street.
Eloff Street, Johannesburg
Another view of Eloff Street.