Hong Kong
Situated on China's south coast, Hong Kong is one of the financial capitals of the world and a
major industrial and commercial centre. The territory came under British rule in 1842, but was
handed back to China when the lease expired in 1997. The Japanese occupied Hong Kong
during World War 2.
Old Postcard, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building in the early years of the
twentieth century.    

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Hong Kong Street Scene
An unnamed street in Hong Kong.     
Hong Kong Harbour
Hong Kong Harbour.
Old Postcard, Queens Road Central, Hong Kong
Queen's Road Central - c 1911.
Hong Kong, Bonham Strand
Bonham Strand.   
Old Postcard, Wangchai Bay
Wangchai Bay, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong, Kowloon Ferry
No date for this rather fine old postcard of the Kowloon Ferry.     
Old Postcard, Garden Road, Hong Kong
Garden Road.
Bowen Road, Hong Kong
Filter Beds on Bowen Road.
Peak Tramway Station, Hong Kong
The Peak Tramway Station.   
Bowrington Canal, Hong Kong
Bowrington Canal.
The Military Hospital,  Hong Kong.
Hong Kong, Peak Hotel and Tramway Station
The Peak Hotel and Tramway Station.   
Military Hospital
Hong Kong Cricket Club
Hong Kong Cricket Club's New Pavilion - no date, but no doubt not
quite so new today !
Hong Kong, Peak Tramway
Three old postcards  of the Peak Tramway.
Morrison Hill, Hong Kong
Morrison Hill, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong, Signal Station
The Signal Station on the Peak.
Hong Kong Harbour
Hong Kong Harbour.
Vintage Postcard, Hong Kong
Another view of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Public Gardens
Hong Kong Public Gardens.
Hong Kong Peak District
"Peak District, Hongkong. It is a district reserve for Europeans only".
One wonders why the locals put up with such nonsense !
Hong Kong, Club Germania
The Club Germania.
Hong Kong
A postcard from 1913.    
Hong Kong Police Station
Hong Kong Police Station.
Praya Central, Hong Kong
Praya Central.    
Hong Kong, Praya
The Praya. "Praya" was the name given to a promenade along the
Hong Kong
"Souvenir of Hong Kong".
Queen's Building, Hong Kong
The Queen's Building.  
Hong Kong, Queen's Road
Queen's Road.    
Hong Kong
Peak Tramway, Hong Kong
Peak Tramway, Hong Kong
Three more views of the Peak Tramway.
Hong Kong
A Ricksha and Chair.
RC Cathedral, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Roman Catholic Cathedral.
Hong kong, The Peak
The Peak and the Flagstaff.
Botanic Gardens, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Botanic Gardens.
Hong Kong Harbour
Hong Kong Harbour.
Repulse Bay Hotel, Hong Kong
The Repulse Bay Hotel.
Hong Kong - Stocks
The Stocks.
The End Station of the Peak Tramway.
Hong Kong - Peak
The Peak.
Public Gardens, Hong Kong
Public Gardens, Hong Kong.
An advertising postcard for the Hong Kong Hotel.
Hong Kong Family
A Hong Kong Family eating - a strange postcard !
Main Street, Hong Kong.
Main Street - does this street still have this name ?
The View from the Peak Tramway - a 1922 postcard.
The Protestant Cemetery.
Hong Kong Cathedral
Hong Kong
The Catholic Cathedral.
Hong Kong - Peak Tramway
Bowen Road, Hong Kong
Bowen Road.
The Peak, Hong Kong
Another view of the Peak.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Typhoon
The aftermath of the Typhoon of 18 September 1906.
Peak Tramway, Hong Kong
The Peak Tramway.
Hong Kong, Queens Road
Queen's Road Central, near the Parade Ground.
Hong Kong by night
Hong Kong by night.    
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Tramway
Yet another postcard of the Peak Tramway.
Government House, Hong Kong
Government House.
Conduit Road, Hong Kong
Conduit Road.
The Peak once more.
The Peak, Hong Kong
Chinese Rickshaw, Hong Kong
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Hong Kong
Victoria City, Hong Kong
Victoria City.
The Peak, Hong Kong
The Peak.
Old Postcard - Kowloon Ferry, Hong Kong
Old Postcard - Kowloon Ferry, Hong Kong
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Queen's Road, Hong Kong
Old Postcard - Queen's Road, Hong Kong
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Praya Central, Hong Kong
Old Postcard - Praya Central, Hong Kong
by Postcards of the Past
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