Girls Up Ladders
Early 20th Century portrait photographers were took thousands of photographs for the erotic market, and
no doubt they got bored. The studio ladder was one of the props widely used to pose their models and
add a bit of humour to the proceedings.
An even better opportunity to come up with a funny caption - send yours to us
here !
"Wilhemina was grateful that at
least the lightbulb had blown
before she actually got in the
bath."   Tim.
Postcards of the Past
bedroom bondage
"Doris didn't notice that she was
slowly being sucked into a Black
Hole."   Adam - Taunton.
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Birthday Card
Birthday Card by Postcards of the Past
Erotic Coffee Mug
Erotic Coffee Mug by Postcards of the Past
An Erotic Xmas Card
An Erotic Xmas Card by Postcards of the Past
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Erotic Birthday Card - Rear View
Erotic Birthday Card - Rear View by Postcards of the Past
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