Charles Dickens "Little Dorrit"
Little Dorrit
"A garret, and a Marshalsea garret, without
compromise, was Little Dorrit's Room."
Dickens' eleventh novel was published in monthly parts between December 1855 and June 1857.
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"None of your eyes at me" said Mr F's aunt, shivering with hostility. "Take that".
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Little Dorrit
Little Dorrit
" 'Affery, my woman,' said Mr Flintwich, grimly... 'if you don't get tea
pretty quick, old woman, you'll become sensible of a rustle and a
touch that'll send you flying to the other end of the kitchen.' "
"Mrs Plornish's father was handsomely regaled. Clenman had never
seen anything like his magnanimous protection by that of the other
Father, he of the Marshalsea; and was lost in the contemplation of its
many wonders."
Little Dorrit
Little Dorrit
"She sat so long with her eyes wide open,
that at length Little Dorrit, to entice her from
her box, rose and looked out of the window."
"You are very obedient really, and it's
extremely honourable and gentlemanly in
you I am sure but still at the same time if you
would like to be a little tighter than that I
shouldn't consider it intruding". Flora.
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d'licious broth and wine ! Such chicking ! Oh,
ain't it a delightful place to go and stop at !"
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Old Postcard, Dickens, "Oliver Twist", Bill Sykes
Old Postcard, Dickens, "Oliver Twist"; Bill Sykes
by Postcards of the Past
Birthday Card - Mrs Gamp from "Martin Chuzzlewit"
Birthday Card - Mrs Gamp from "Martin Chuzzlewit"
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Old Postcard, Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist
Old Postcard, Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist
by Postcards of the Past