Charles Dickens - "Martin Chuzzlewit"
Charles Dickens, Mark Tapley, Martin Chuzzlewit
Mrs Todgers and Bailey
Mr Pecksniff
"What ? you go a lowerin the
beer ?"
Mrs Todgers and Bailey.
"I have found that a lamp-post is
calculated to refine the mind."
Mr Pecksniff.
"Well, there'd be some credit in
being jolly with an inflammation
of the lungs."
Mark Tapley.
Martin Chuzzlewit, Mrs Gamp
Mrs Gamp.  
Tom Pinch
""Where's the pudding" cried Tom.
For he was cutting his jokes, Tom
This was Dickens' sixth novel, written after his first trip to the USA, and published in monthly
parts from January 1843 to July 1844. Follow
this link for more information.
"Betsey," said Mrs Gamp, filling
her own glass, and passing the
tea-pot, "I will now propoge a
toast. My frequent pardner, Betsey
Prig !"
"Which, altering the name ro
Sairah Gamp; I drink," said Mrs
Prig, "with love and tenderness."
Chapter xlix.
"Leave the bottle on the
chimley-piece, and let me put my
lips to it when I am so dispoged !"
Mrs Gamp.
Charity Pecksniff
Charity Pecksniff.
Another impression of Tom
......and another of Mr Pecksniff.
"You may bestride my senseless
corse, sir. That is very likely. I can
imagine a mind like yours deriving
great satisfaction from any
measure of that kind. But while I
continue to be called upon to
exist, sir, you must strike at him
through me."
Mr Pecksniff.
"Occasionally we had the
presumption to console
ourselves with the remark that
Truth would in the end prevail,
and Virtue be triumphant; but not
often. My loves, you recollect ?"
"I have completed my
arrangements for going to
America; and you will be surprised
to hear that i am to be
accompanied by Mark Tapley,
upon whom I have stumbled
strangely in London." Martin.
"And even while the guard helped
her man up with the trunk, did he
send the glad echoes of his bugle
careering down the chimneys of
the distant Pecksniff, as if the
coach expressed its exultation in
the rescue of Tom Pinch".
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