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Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania
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Fisherman's Coffee Mug - Pike by Postcards of the Past
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Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and also a major port in East Africa. The region,
known formerly as German East Africa, was a German colony until captured by the British
during World War 1 - it was then named Tanganyika. You will see that many of our old
postcards are in German. After independence in 1961 Dar es Salaam continued to act as the
capital of the country, and remained as the capital after the 1964 merger with Zanzibar until
1973 when the administrative centre was moved to Dodoma.

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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
A "native" street.
Dar es Salaam - harbour
A view of the harbour.
Dar es Salaam
This postcard of the "native" quarter must date from after World War 1
as the name "Tanganyika" is used.....
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
....and thus this one of the Governor's Palace is pre-1914 as it is in
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
The Secretariat, presumably something to do with the British High
Suliman Street.
Dae es Salaam
Dar es Salaam
Dar es Salaam
In the Governor's Garden.
The Bismarck Memorial.
The Roman Catholic Cathedral.
Dar es Salaam
I think this is a view of a Catholic Mission.
Dar es Salaam
Wissman Platz.
Dar es Salaam
The English Church.
Dar es Salaam
Araber Strasse.
Dar es Salaam
The Military Hospital on Versailles Street.
Dar es Salaam
Kitchwelle Street.
Dar es Salaam
A German Christmas Card.
Dar es Salaam
The Hellenic Church.
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Old Postcard - Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania
Old Postcard - Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania by Postcards of the Past
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