Cricket - C B Fry
C B Fry b1872 - d 1956
Fry captained Sussex and
England at cricket, and also was
in charge of HMS Mercury, then a
boys' naval training school, near
Petersfield, for many years and
was given the honorary rank of
captain in the RNR. Read more
about Fry at
this link .
Cricket - Lord Dalmeny
Lord Dalmeny died from blood
poisoning in 1931, aged only 21.
Formerly the Hon A R Primrose,
he played for Eton and also once
for Oxford and a few times for
Middlesex. This rather poor
quality postcard appears to show
him at the Oval !
Old Postcard, Lord Hawke
Lord Hawke b 1860 - d 1938
Lionel Palairet
Lionel Palairet b 1870 - d 1933
Clarrie Grimmett
Clarrie Grimmett b 1891 - d 1980
W Hardinge
HTW "Wally" Hardinge b 1886 - d
England 1926, Oval
I think that this is a postcard of the England XI at the 5th Test at the
Oval in 1926. England won this match, and regained the Ashes.
Old Postcard, Cricket, Australia 1930
A great old postcard of the 1930 Australian tourists.
G Cox, Sussex
George Cox Sr b 1873 - d 1949.
J T Tyldesley
J T Tyldesley b 1873 - d 1930
C W Walker
C W "Charlie" Walker b 1909 - d
1942. Wisden states that, although
Walker toured England with the
1930 and 1938 Australians, he
never appeared in a Test Match.
He failed to return from a bombing
mission over Germany in the
autumn of 1942.
New Zealand Cricket Team 1958
The 1958 New Zealand Tourists at Lords in 1958.
Ernie Hayes
Ernie Hayes b 1876 - d 1953.
J T Hearne b 1867 - d 1944
Couldn't resist slipping this one in !
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The 1923 West Indies touring side.
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Playing Cards - Big Ben, London
Playing Cards - Big Ben, London by Postcards of the Past
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Australian Cricket Team 1934
The 1934 Australians.
South African Cricket XI 1935
The South African XI at Lord's in I think 1935 - can anyone confirm this
please ?
Cricket - Rugby
Nets at what I presume to be Rugby School.
The 1936 Indian tourists.
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Birthday Card - Highland Railway
Birthday Card - Highland Railway by Postcards of the Past
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