A great aerial view of the port.
Casablanca, Puerta de Marrakesh
Casablanca, le Port
Puerta de Marrakesh.
L'Hotel des Postes.
Casablanca, Morocco
An aerial view of Casablanca.
Place de France.
Casablanca, Victory Monument
Place de France, Morocco
The Victory Monument.
Boulevard de la Republique.
Postcards of the Past
Casablanca, Boulevard de la Republique, Morocco, Old Postcard

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Casablanca is the largest city and the chief port of Morocco. It lies on the country's west
coast, on the Atlantic Ocean. The port is the largest in north Africa and one of the largest
artificial ports in the world as well as being the base for the
Royal Moroccan Navy. The
city's population (2009) is about 4.15 million. Casablanca and Morocco were under French
rule from 1907 until independence in 1956.
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Casablanca, Morocco
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Casablanca, Morocco
Avenue du General d'Amade.
Carrefour Mers-Sultan.
A 1955 aerial view of Avenue d'Amade.
Casablanca Station
Casablanca Railway Station.
Casablanca, Boulevard de la Gare
Boulevard de la Gare.
The Cathedral.
Avenue du General Moinier.
Casablanca, Rue Blaise Pascal
Rue Blaise Pascal.
The Sultan's Palace.
Bouelvard de Paris.
Casablanca - Place de France
An aerial view of the Place de France.
Moroccan State Bank.
Place de la Perle Marrakech.
Casablanca, Boulevard de la Gare
Boulevard de la Gare.
Another view of Boulevard de la Gare.
Casablanca, Boulevard de la Gare
Casablanca Railway Station
The main railway station.
Yet another old postcard of Boulevard de la Gare.
Post Office and the Automobile Club.
The Port.
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Le Quartier Réservé - Une jolie porte.
Nouvelle Médina - Fontaine et Mosquée.
Le Quartier Réservé.
Casablanca - Rue Bouskoura
La rue Bouskoura.
Casablanca - Arab quarter
In the Arab Quarter.
Casablanca - Place de France
Place de France.
Avenue du Général d'Amade - a 1921 Postcard.
Le Quartier Réservé - Une ruelle et une fointaine.
Another view of the Rue de Bouskoura.
Casablanca - Port
An aerial view of the port.
Square Louis Gentil.
Casablanca - Majestic Hotel
Majestic Hotel - Rue de Marseille.
Casablanca - Habous
Habous (Nouvelle Médina).
Casablanca - Rue Guynemer
Rue Guynemer.
Casablanca - Sultan's Palace
The Sultan's Palace.
Le Quartier Réservé - Un joli Coin.
Casablanca, Place de France.
The Bus Station in the Place de France.
Casablanca, Port
Another view of the port.
Another view of the Square Gentil.
Rue Chevalier de Valdrome.
Place de France.
Le Quartier Réservé - Une rue pittoresque.
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