Cairo, Egypt
Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and the largest city on the African continent, with a population
of 6.8 million (2006). It boasts the only metro system in Africa, but also has a serious air
pollution problem with more than 2 million vehicles on its streets. The city's proximity to the
Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza helps attract many tourists.

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Old Postcard, Cairo, Egypt
A general view of Cairo.
Pyramids of Giza
The Nile and the Pyramids of Giza.
Cairo, Opera Square
This 1908 postcard shows Opera Square and the monument to Ibrahim
Tombs of the Kalifs
The Tombs of the Kalifs.
Cairo, Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque.   
The Sphinx.  
Did You Know.........that the
sixth Secretary-General of the
United Nations,
Boutros-Ghali, was born in
Cairo in 1922 ?
And Did You Know.........that
Mohamed ElBaradei
, former
Director General of the
International Atomic Energy
Agency, was also born in
Cairo, in 1942 ?
Cairo - Pyramids
Another view of the Pyramids.......
....and the Sphinx.  
Cairo - the Citadel
The Citadel.   
Cairo - Tombs of the Kalifs
Tombs of the Kalifs Mabed-er-Rifaiyels.    
Cairo - Mosque Azhar
Mosque Azhar.    
Cairo - Street Scene
A Cairo Street.   
Cairo - Al Azhar Mosque
Cairo - Sphinx
The Sphinx.  
Shepheards Hotel Cairo
Postcards of the Past
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Cairo - boats on the NIle
Dahabiehs on the Nile.
Cairo Caire La Citadelle
La Citadelle.
Cairo - Mosques
Sultan Hassan and Rifaiyels Mosques.
Cairo, Soliman Pasha Square
Cairo, Sug-el-Selah Street
Cairo - Mosque El-Ashar
Sug-el-Selah Street.
Soliman Pasha Square.
Mosque El-Ashar.
Cairo, Citadel Square
The Market, Citadel Square.
Cairo, Pyramids
Cairo, Market
Near the Pyramids.   
The Mohamed Aly Market.
Cairo, Monument to Soliman Pacha
Cairo - Mosquee de Kait-Bey
Cairo 0 Mosquee El-Ahmar
Monument to Soliman Pacha.
Kait-Bey Mosque.
Mosquee El-Ahmar.
A view of the city.
Cairo - Tombs of the Khalifs
The tombs of the khalifs.
Cairo - Dam on the Nile
A Dam on the Nile.
Cairo, the New Station
The "new" Railway Station.
Cairo, Mosque Mohamed Ali
Mosque Mohamed Ali.
Mamelouks and the Arab Cemetery.
Cairo, Rue Darb el Ahmar
Rue Darb el Ahmar.
A street in the fishmarket.
Cairo Street Scene.
Cairo - Nubar Pasha Street
Nubar Pasha Street.
Cairo, Citadel Square
Citadel Square.
Cairo, Pyramids
The Pyramids.
This postcard of Soliman Pasha Street was mailed in 1937.
Cairo - Mosque Sultan Hassan
Mosque Sultan Hassan.
Kasr-el-Nil Bridge, Cairo
The Kasr-el-Nil Bridge.
Kasr-el-Nil Bridge, Cairo
Another postcard of the Kasr-el-Nil Bridge.
Cairo - Nile Bridge
The Khedive Ismail Bridge. This is the Kasr-el-Nil Bridge which
originally bore this name.
Cairo - Ave 26 July
Cairo - Hotel du Nil
A Cairo Street.
Ave 26 July.
Hotel du Nil.
Cairo, Place de l'Opera
Place de l'Opera.
Cairo - Merchants of Grass
"Merchants of Grass."
Cairo - Pont Limoun Railway Station
Pont Limoun Railway Station.
Cairo - boats.
A group of barges passing the bridge.
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Egypt, Pyramids
Yet another view of the Pyramids.
Rue Saide Zenab.
Cairo - Mosque Mohammed Ali
The Mosque Mohamed Ali.
Cairo - Omnibus Station
The Omnibus Station.
Cairo - Boulac Bridge
Boulac Bridge.
Cairo Observatory
A very elaborate fountain. See above ( 15
rows from the top) - I think this is part of the
Mosque Mohamed Ali.
A street in Old Cairo.
A Mosque.
Cairo - Opera Square
Opera Square - a 1924 postcard.
Cairo Museum
A street in the old quarter.
Cairo Railway Station
Cairo Railway Station.
Cairo - Mosque
"Native Quarters".
Saida Zenab.
Mosque Kait-Bey.
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Cairo - Pyramids
The Entrance to the Pyramids.
Cairo - Rodah Island
Rodah Island.
Cairo, Esbekieh
Cairo - Pont Kasr-el-Nil
Another postcard of the Pont Kasr-el-Nil.
Cairo - Railway Station
Another view of the Railway Station.
Cairo - Sphinx and Pyramids
Credit Lyonnais Bank.
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Old Postcard - The Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt
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