Unlike film stars, sports people appear not to have used postcards as publicity in the first half
of the twentieth century, and as a result old postcards of them are not so easily available. If
you have any images you would like to contribute, please
email us !
Old Postcards, Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey b 1895 - d 1983
Jess Willard
Jess Willard b 1881 - d 1968
Joe Lynch, Old Postcard
Joe Lynch b 1898 - d 1965
Benny Leonard
Benny Leonard b 1896 - d 1947
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming b 1896 - d ???
Harry Greb
Harry Greb b 1894 - d 1926.
Ezzard Charles
Ezzard Charles b 1921 - d 1975.
Gentleman Jim Corbett
"Gentleman" Jim Corbett b 1866 - d
Sam Langford
Sam Langford b 1883 - d 1956
The six postcards below were sent to us by Jim Whittam -
thanks, Jim, they make a great addition to this collection !
Sam McVae
Sam McVae (or McVey) b 1884 - d 1921
Battling Siki
"Battling Siki" real name Louis Mbarick Fall b
1897 - d 1925
Fred Brettonel
Gene Tunney
Jack Johnson
John Arthur ("Jack") Johnson b 1878 – d 1946
James Joseph "Gene" Tunney b 1897 - d
Fred Bretonnel b 1905 - d 1928
Postcards of the Past
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Georges Carpentier
Boy McCormick
Tommy Milligan
Alex Ireland
Georges Carpentier  b 1894 - d 1975
"Boy" McCormick  b 1899 - d 1939
Tommy Milligan  b 1904 - d 1970
Alex Ireland  b 1901 - d 1966
Joe Louis
Joe Louis  b 1914 - d 1981
Georges Carpentier
Primo Carnera
Joel Patrick
Another card of Georges
Primo Carnera b 1906 - d 1967.
Joel Patrick - looks as though his
face has been inserted into this
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"Sugar" Ray Robinson b 1921 - d
Old Postcard - Comic, Golf
Old Postcard - Comic, Golf
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Comic - Golf
Old Postcard - Comic - Golf
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Comic, Golf
Old Postcard - Comic, Golf
by Postcards of the Past