Algiers, the capital of Algeria, is the country's largest city with a metropolitan population
estimated in 2007 at 3.3 million. The city lies on the west side of a bay on the Mediterranean.
Algeria was a French colony from 1830 until independence in 1962 - hence the city's French
name of Alger, which is reflected in many of our old postcards.

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Old Postcard, Algiers, Admiralty
The Admiralty - an early 20th Century postcard.   
The city is sometimes called Alger-la-Blanche because of its
glistening white buildings.    
Algiers, Alger, Rue Dumont-d'Urville
Rue Dumont-d'Urville.
Algiers, Alger, Theatre
The Theatre.
Algiers, Alger, Boulevard Laferriere
Boulevard Laferriere.
Alger, Algiers, Place du Gouvernement
Place du Gouvernement.
Alger, Algiers, Boulevard Bru, Vintage Postcard
Boulevard Bru.
Alger - Notre Dame d'Afrique
Notre-Dame d'Afrique.   
Algiers, Post Office
A 1912 postcard of the "new" Post Office.     
Algiers, Alger, View
The Terraces of Algiers.    
Another view of the Post Office.   
Algiers Railway Station
The Railway Station.   
Alger, Aveue de Bouzareah
Avenue de Bouzareah.
Les Rampes et le Boulevard.
Alger, Boulevard de la Republique
Le Boulevard de la Republique.
Vue sur Bab-El-Oued et Notre Dame d'Afrique.
Alger, Casbah
The Casbah.
Postcards of the Past
This old postcard of Algiers was sent to us by Keith Perriman from
Newcastle, whose father bought it when he was in Algiers in the army
during WW2.
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Old Postcard - Algiers, Notre-Dame d'Afrique
Old Postcard - Algiers, Notre-Dame d'Afrique
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Algiers Railway Station
Old Postcard - Algiers Railway Station
by Postcards of the Past
Old Postcard - Algiers, Post Office
Old Postcard - Algiers, Post Office
by Postcards of the Past
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