Vintage Aeroplanes
Short Singapore Flying Boat
A Short "Singapore" Flying Boat.   
RAF Spitfire
A couple of RAF Spitfires.
de Havilland Dragonfly
Imperial Airways Ensign
Swissair Convair Metropolitan
A Convair "Metropolitan" - part of the Swissair
fleet in the 1950s.
Air France Constellation
A Lockheed Constellation belonging to Air
Bristol Blenheim Bomber - Vintage Postcard
A Bristol Blenheim Bomber.    
Douglas DC2 - Old Postcard
A KLM Douglas DC-2. Ian and Jan have told us
that the plane is flying over Rotterdam.
RAF Seafox Seaplane
A Royal Air Force Fairey "Seafox" Seaplane.
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley
An RAF Armstrong Whitworth "Whitley"
RAF Fairey Barracuda
De Havilland Flamingo
A de Havilland "Flamingo"  passenger airliner
also used as a troop carrier during WW2.
A Mitchell B-25
A North American  B-25 Mitchell. Built in
Kansas City, Kansas, nearly 10,000 were
produced in various models. One of the
crashed into the Empire State Building
on 28 July 1945.
Armstrong Whitworth Ensign.
Another postcard of an Armstrong Whitworth "Ensign".     
Hawker Hind
An RAF Hawker "Hind".
Fairey Firefly
Gloster Gladiator
A Gloster "Gladiator".                         
RAF Mosquite
An RAF de Havilland "Mosquito".  The bulk of
this aircraft was made of laminated plywood.
Liberator Bomber - Vintage Postcard
Junkers JU 88K Dive Bomber
A Junkers JU 88K Dive Bomber.  
Westland Wyvern T-2
Old Postcard - Stratocruiser
"New military high speed plane flying over
the fleet" - Identified by Bob from Aldershot
as an
Avro "Anson". Thanks Bob !
Douglas A26 Invader
An RAF Douglas "Dakota". This aircraft was the "workhorse" of the
Berlin Airlift.
Supermarine Seafire
The Supermarine "Seafire" was a naval
version of the Spitfire, adapted to operate
from aircraft carriers.
Gloster Aircraft
A formation of Gloster Aircraft - are these Gladiators ?
Bristol Blenheim
Another postcard of a Bristol "Blenheim".
Compare the design with the postcard higher
up this page.
RAF Lancaster Bomber
An RAF Avro "Lancaster" bomber.
BEA Viking
Douglas Havoc Bomber
Lockheed Hudson Bomber
A Lockheed "Hudson" Bomber.
Bristol Beaufighter
Another postcard of a Bristol "Beaufighter".
Mayo Composite Plane
The Short Brothers Mayo Composite Plane.   
RAF Avro York
An RAF Avro York.
RAF Lancaster
Another postcard of an Avro Lancaster.  
RAF Corsair
A Fleet Air Arm Corsair.
A French postcard of a Northrop P61 "Black
Blackburn Botha
An RAF Blackburn "Botha" General
Reconnaissance and Torpedo Bomber.
Airacomet and Kingcobra
An  "Airacomet" (below) and a P63
Kingcobra", both manufactured by the Bell
Aircraft Corporation.
RAF Mosquito
Another poscard of an RAF "Mosquito".
P47 Thunderbolt
RAF Tempest
P51 Mustang
A North American Aviation P51 "Mustang".  
de Havilland Albatross
Boulton Paul Defiant
Hawker Hurricane
A Hawker "Hurricane".
A Mark XII Spitfire.
Bell P.39 Aircobra
Boulton Paul Defiant
Another Boulton Paul "Defiant" - see above.
Focke-Wulf Fw.58 Weihe
Flying Dutchman
KLM's "Flying Dutchman" - but what make is the 'plane ?  
Wellington Bomber
Handley-Page Hampden Bomber
A Flight of Westland "Wallaces".
Bristol Beaufort
Fokker Lapland
Convair 340
Another "Flying Dutchman", this one a Convair 340.    
Fokker fViii
A Fokker F-VIII.   
Vickers Wellesleys
Convair B.36 D
Convair 349
Another Convair 340.
Douglas DC7
Another North American B.25.
Auster Aiglet
An Auster "Aiglet" Trainer.
Chase 123B
Percival Provost
Short Sunderland Flying Boat
A Short "Sunderland" Flying Boat.  
Grumman F9F-6 Cougar
Supermarine Stranraer Flying Boat
A Supermarine "Stranraer" Flying Boat.   
Hawker Hart
The Hawker "Hart".  
Westland Lysander
Hunting Percival Jet provost
Hunting-Percival "Jet Provost".
Curtiss SBC-4
Fairey Battle
Stirling Bomber
Miles Master Trainer
A Miles "Master" Advance Trainer.
Lockheed P38 Lightning
Hawker Fury
Lockheed Lightning
Another Lockheed "Lightning".   
Fairey Hendon
A Fairey "Hendon" Bomber.   
RAF Mustangs
Some RAF "Mustangs".
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Postcards of the Past
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Victor Bomber
A Handley-Page "Victor" Bomber.
A  Farman F60 "Goliath".
Fairey Gannet
A Fairey "Gannet".
Vickers Valiant
A Vickers "Valiant".
Imperial Airways Passenger Aircraft
Does anyone know the make of this plane ? Email us if you can help.!
Fokker VII B
A Swissair Fokker VIIB.
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An RAF Hurricane.
Supermarine Spitfire
A Supermarine Spitfire.
Spirit of St Louis
Lindbergh's aircraft, the Spirit of St Louis.
Hawker Hurricanes
A formation of Hurricanes.
Avro Vulcan
A Hurricane.
An Avro "Vulcan".
KLM Convair 340
A KLM Convair 340.
Some Hurricanes.
Heinkel HE70
Heinkel HE70s.
Airspeed Oxfords
Airspeed Oxfords.
A Spitfire.
Hendon Bomber
A Short "Scion Senior".    
Short Scion Senior
Fairey Seal
A Fairey "Seal".
Boulton Paul Defiant
A Boulton Paul "Defiant".
Bristol Beaufort
A Bristol "Beaufort".
Fairey Flycatcher
A Fairey "Flycatcher".
Grumman Martlet
A Grumman "Martlet".
Heinkel 111K
A Heinkel 111K.
RAF Seafox
RAF "Seafox".
All our postcards are at least 50 years old !
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de Havilland "Dragonfly" Souvenir Mug
de Havilland "Dragonfly" Souvenir Mug
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Birthday Card - RAF Spitfire
Birthday Card - RAF Spitfire
by Postcards of the Past
Magnet - RAF Lancaster Bomber
Magnet - RAF Lancaster Bomber
by Postcards of the Past
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